OK, so …

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The site is SUPER barebones right now, but the theme I’m using is flexible enough that I should be able to add some cool stuff back to it slowly but surely, and hopefully I’ll get everything back to where I’m satisfied, if not happy with it.

I currently have emails out to Stitcher and iTunes to get the show published there, and I’m also gonna try to get the show on Google Play’s new podcast section. I’ll add Subscribe buttons on the right when I get those sub links confirmed.

Also, I’m gonna move forward with the podcast, but I wanna try some other stuff too. More lives shows, con panels, maybe some YouTube … I dunno yet. Either way, I wanna take RFN past a podcast, so make sure you’ve liked RFN on Facebook and check in from time to time to see what else I’m up to.

Anyway, please excuse the dust while the site is open during construction. Thanks!   ~ Switch

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