RFN Special: Hyperspaced

“This week, Switch welcomes Dr. Vern to talk about the brand new Sci-Fried album HYPERSPACED!”

Track 1: Sci-Fried – One With The Force
Track 2: Sci-Fried – Problems (feat. Mega Ran)
Track 3: Sci-Fried – Winter Has Come

Many thanks to Vern for chatting with me over Skype! Don’t forget to check out some of the other tracks we mentioned off the album. I can honestly say this whole album is worth a listen, and stay tuned to RFN for Vern’s top 10 list coming soon!  ~ Switch

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RFN Classic: MegaThruster

“In this classic (pre-2017) episode, Switch talks with Chris Waffle from MegaThruster about spending time in the studio and the glory that is Fuck Mountain.”

MegaThruster’s Album “20-Sided Vice” is available on their bandcamp @

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RFN Classic: Jason Heine + PRGE Special

“In this classic episode (pre-2017), Switch and Jason Heine discuss Heine’s live VGM remixes and the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.”

More of Jason Heine’s work, including links to his Twitch and Youtube channels, can be found @

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OK, so …

The site is SUPER barebones right now, but the theme I’m using is flexible enough that I should be able to add some cool stuff back to it slowly but surely, and hopefully I’ll get everything back to where I’m satisfied, if not happy with it.

I currently have emails out to Stitcher and iTunes to get the show published there, and I’m also gonna try to get the show on Google Play’s new podcast section. I’ll add Subscribe buttons on the right when I get those sub links confirmed.

Also, I’m gonna move forward with the podcast, but I wanna try some other stuff too. More lives shows, con panels, maybe some YouTube … I dunno yet. Either way, I wanna take RFN past a podcast, so make sure you’ve liked RFN on Facebook and check in from time to time to see what else I’m up to.

Anyway, please excuse the dust while the site is open during construction. Thanks!   ~ Switch

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Hey all!

I’ve been dealing with some health stuff since the middle of 2016, but after nearly a year of dealing with those issues, I’m happy to report the next episode is finished, and I have some new things I’m working on for later this year and even next year!

Feels really good to be back to work on this. It feels like home.  ~ Switch

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